Aspects of the History of a Sussex Village

Crawley Down lies between East Grinstead and Crawley in northern Sussex, and is a village with its roots in the mid- to late-Nineteenth Century. Its growth was the result of several contributory factors: the erection of a chapel; the enclosure of an ancient common; the establishment of a brick yard; the opening of a school; and the building of a station on the railway line from Three Bridges to East Grinstead. All occurred within the space of 16 years from 1844 to 1860.

From this website you can find out about those significant events as well as about the area prior to the village’s development and other aspects of Crawley Down’s past.

The following posts are available to read:

Mr Wilson and the railwayPrize fighting
Iron makingBrick making
The house before BanktonSome early occupants of The Grange
Some early memories of Crawley DownLost buildings of Crawley Down
Crawley Down’s oldest buildingsThomas MacLaren – architect
Rough MusicA Tower for the Church?
Crawley Down in 1829

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